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Record Number 2710
Resource Identifier flod11072006032
Vessel Name Kashmir
Fishing Number GY43
Type of Vessel ST
Subsequent Names Ross Kashmir; Grampian Freedom; Rainbow Warrior
Other Fishing Numbers GY122
Year Constructed 1957
Constructed By Cochrane & Sons Ltd
Constructed At Selby
Gross Tons 469
Length 139.7 ft
Beam 28.5 ft
Depth 14.3 ft
Engines Diesel engine fitted in 1967
Construction Notes Yard No. 1422 Lengthened in 1967 to 162.7 ft and 489 gross tons.
For Sale No
Download Available Yes
General Notes
1962 Renamed ROSS KASHMIR (GY122).
1982 Renamed GRAMPIAN FREEDOM (orsv).